A Very Bluesy X-Mas
by on December 25, 2016 in
Fred Sebastian on the Drums
Peter Lawrence, Trevor Denault (Crunchy Flower) and Lyle Odjick
Bass & Vocals - Peter & Lyle
Ben Griggs on Lead Guitar
Northern Steam ft. Luke Ambridge on Harmonica
Fred Sebastian on drums
Fredy Carriere (Firebelly) with Lyle Odjick & Ben Grigs of Northern Steam
Lyle Odjick

A Very Bluesy X-Mas presented by the Ottawa Rock & Roots Society inside Moose McGuire’s. Lyle Odjick & The Northern Steam were featured among other great Ottawa acts such as Crunchy Flower, The Clint Everson Band, Lucas Haneman & Megan Lawrence, as well as Firebelly’s Fredy Carriere.

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